Israel’s defense industry has developed an advanced missile that is immune to GPS jamming, revolutionizing the way air power is employed.

Israel’s Rafael military industries, which specializes in defense systems, has developed a SPICE (Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective) air-to-surface bomb that is immune to GPS jamming.

The SPICE 250 precision-guided glide bomb has a 100-km range and carries a 100-kg (250-pound) warhead. The weapon is useful in destroying lightly fortified bunkers, SSM and SAM batteries, vehicles and radar stations.

“The SPICE-250 is a new product in Rafael’s series of air-to-surface glide bombs that revolutionizes the field,” Yuval Miller, Rafael’s EVP and head of the Air & C4ISR Systems Division, told Israel Defense News. “The new munition brings two primary advantages to the series: the ability to handle mobile targets and the Smart-Quad-Rack feature, which enables an aircraft to carry multiple munitions. An F-16 fighter can carry 16 munitions and an F-15 fighter can carry 28 munitions. This is an actual revolution in this field.”

“In the past, a fighter aircraft had to cover a long distance and eventually release two munitions which did not always hit their targets. Now we have fighter aircraft that can destroy close to 30 targets in a single pass. A formation of four F-15 fighters can carry more than 100 munitions on a mission. This changes the way air power is employed. In fact, we are breaking the paradigm regarding the effectiveness of a sortie,” Miller explained.

SPICE bombs use state-of-the-art navigation, guidance and homing techniques to achieve accurate and effective destruction of high-value enemy targets.

SPICE’s Automatic Target Acquisition capability employs unique scene-matching technology, which enables the bomb to navigate to its target while circumventing scenery changes, counter-measures, navigation errors and target location errors.

The SPICE 250 is slated to enter the service of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in the near future.

By: United with Israel Staff

(With files from Israel Defense News)


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