Forget about the “let’s be quiet” approach. We do not tolerate anti-Semitism in our midst, especially not from our elected officials from either side of the aisle.

We need to talk. It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish or not, I know that many of you have expressed concern about the rising tide of Antisemitism in the world. I have had discussions with friends who insist that it is all because of Donald Trump. Of course, it that was true then why is it an issue worldwide?

I am not writing today to compare hate. It is silly to debate who is more anti-Semitic the far right or the far left. They are both bad. There have always been anti-Semites, racists etc. and unfortunately there will always be some form of hate in the world.

We have had anti-Israel/anti-Semitic senators and congressman. No, it is not always anti-Semitic to criticize Israel. Many Jews criticize specific policies. We are a democracy, and all opinions count.

This Time it’s Different

It is different this time. We have new house members Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Rashid Tlaib who have been on the record as having abhorrent anti-Semitic views prior to their election. Ilhan Omar is a supporter of Hamas, BDS as well as being anti American.

What makes this different is that the speaker of the house (Nancy Pelosi) elevated Ilhan Omar to a prized position on the foreign affairs committee.

The cover of Rolling Stone with Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and others is yet another not-too-subtle message to Jewish constituents: “We don’t care about you.” Or worse, you aren’t speaking up, so why should we?

Think about how offensive this is. You elevate an obvious anti-Semite to a committee on foreign affairs and then “celebrate” her with pictures on covers of magazines? I DON’T THINK SO.

Jewish blind support for Democrats since FDR is rewarded with a slap in the face. Ilhan Omar was given a particularly important and sensitive position where her abhorrent views can and will have an impact.

There has been a demonstrable and obvious tilt coming from the left against Israel, but in this case, it is Jews who are being attacked.

We Are to Blame

My opinion? We are to blame for this. The Jewish community has been virtually silent on this issue. J Street, the supposed pro-Israel voice for the left, has been at best agnostic about this. No, they didn’t support her, but they certainly have not criticized her, and I would argue that they have defended her. We all agree that opposition to certain policies and criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic, however, her comments and actions go way beyond that.

Why do we depend on Alan Dershowitz to be our protector? He will not live forever.

Why is Laurie Cardoza- Moore, a well-known, pro-Israel evangelist leader, one of the loudest voices? I know Laurie, and from the bottom of my heart I thank her for that.

Where are the rabbis and many Jewish community leaders who are the first ones in many cases to criticize Israel, Republicans on this? The silence is deafening.

There have been a few encouraging signs from some Congress members, but to be cynical, they represent areas where there is a larger population of Jews.

In many cases we are getting more criticism of Ilhan and support for Israel from the evangelical community than from our own.

Have we not learned from our tragic history?

Have We No Voice?

Have we no voice when it comes to our people, our children?

Haven’t we contributed enough, loved our country enough to speak out when we are being slandered?

I am a pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, patriotic American, and I answer to nobody, certainly not a foreign power.

The question that I have for Ilhan Omar is: To whom do you pledge your allegiance? The United States or some ideology or country that gives you your marching orders? She probably wouldn’t like that, but it is a fair question since she is questioning my loyalty as an American Jew.

It is time to speak out publicly. This is our red line. If you are a Democrat you need to make it known that you will not support or tolerate, racism, anti-Semitism and virulent anti-Israel behavior from any elected official.

I say the same thing to the Republican party, but in their recent case, Rep.Steve King was ostracized and removed from his committee.

It is time for the Democratic party, the supposed champions of the oppressed, to speak up. The ime to stand up and be counted is now.

We do not need to take the “let’s be quiet” approach to this. We are proud Americans. We do not tolerate anti-Semitism in our midst, especially not from our elected officials from either side of the aisle.

Never Again!!!!

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.