A Jordanian writer is blaming a series of earthquakes on underground testing of weapons that Israel is allegedly developing for the purpose of destroying Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.

By: United with Israel Staff

A Jordanian writer is blaming a series of low-magnitude earthquakes felt in Israel and neighboring countries this month on underground testing of nuclear or other weapons that Israel is allegedly developing.

The weapons, he speculated, may be intended to cause an artificial earthquake to topple Al-Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, according to a translation of the piece by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Kamal Zakarneh, a columnist for the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour, wrote earlier this month that “suddenly and quietly, the earthquakes in the northern part of the [Jordanian] kingdom stopped, and tremors are no longer emanating from the belly of the earth to rattle everything upon it.”

He asserts that “it’s as if whatever was causing these tremors has moved to some other site and is waiting for a different mission.”

Israel’s north experienced a series of earthquakes earlier this month, the most severe of which occurred at night at a 4.7 magnitude.

“The quakes, which were centered around the Sea of Galilee and its region and whose magnitude was around four on the Richter scale, raise many questions as to their cause, location and timing,” Zakarneh writes, adding that “they may have been caused by detonations carried out by the occupation army [the IDF] deep underground, beneath the Sea of Galilee, to test new weapons, such as small nuclear bombs with limited range, or else conventional weapons for use against the armies in the region, which the occupation state regards… as a threat, to some extent.”

‘Plan to Judaize Jerusalem’

“Why is Israel developing weapons of mass destruction?” Zakarneh asks.

He speculates that “perhaps these [tests] are in preparation for carrying out an enormous crime against the Muslim and Christian holy sites in occupied Jerusalem, especially against the Al-Aqsa mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Sepulcher, by causing an artificial earthquake beneath them to destroy them, in preparation for building the fake [Jewish] temple as part of the plan to Judaize Jerusalem.”

Israel “cannot be trusted, for it plans, plots and eventually also destroys [its targets] in order to achieve political, geographical and Biblical aims,” he claims.

Israel “does not hesitate to use all the entire arsenal of technology, knowledge and scientific [expertise] at its disposal in order to complete its expansionist plan while blaming nature [for the devastation it causes]. Nor will it be ashamed to ask for assistance from the countries of the region and the world in order to cover up its crimes and carry out its Judaization plan at their expense,” he alleges.

Zakarneh further charged that Israel stopped with its “nonsense” when it understood “that its tricks had been exposed and that nobody was fooled by them.”

Because “geologists are not convinced that what happened was really a [natural] earthquake,” he cautions that “in the coming days, everyone must be cautious and alert to [further] surprises that the occupation may be preparing in order to achieve its historical aims, which must be carefully studied and kept in mind.”

Israel is situated on the East African Rift, which runs through the Jordan Valley, on the border with Jordan, an area prone to earthquakes.