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 The media bias against Israel has only gotten stronger and more dangerous in recent times. The increase in global anti-Semitism is clearly due to this bias.


All of us who live in and support Israel were devastated to learn of the brutal massacre that took the lives of four holy men who were praying in a synagogue in Jerusalem. Daily life in Israel now consists of (hopefully) waking up in the morning and then checking the news to find out if anything happened. Then there is the lingering fear of what the day might bring. Make sure to let your loved ones know you love them. Make sure the day is planned out so you know where everyone will be. Daily offerings of walking the kids to school.

When one Jew is attacked many cities away, the effect is felt throughout the land. We know it will happen again.

Yesterday, I made a special effort to attend the morning prayers after a late night and came back with a smile, proud of my accomplishment. I was greeted by my wife as I came home, who told me that there was an attack in a synagogue somewhere in Jerusalem. I left synagogue with a smile. Four men left covered in prayer shawls. Horrified, I went online to find out what happened.

The Anti-Semitic Media

Browsing through Twitter, I found out some of the details. Then I encountered CNN. And BBC. And CBS. I felt a chill run through my body. I felt numb.

Then came rage.

When tragedy strikes any Jew, anywhere in the world, we all feel it. We are all saddened and deeply affected. It’s like losing a close relative. It’s like losing a part of yourself.

When I saw the headline above from CNN I lost myself. It felt like a very personal attack and that is how I still feel. Two “Palestinians” came into a synagogue, murdered 4 people, caused another to die later in the day, and wounded many others. They caused 26 children to lose their father. They caused suffering all over the world. And CNN focused on the death of the disgusting terrorists, may their souls never know rest.

David Draiman Reacts

I reached out to David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed and Device, who I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with through United with Israel. I showed him the picture above and I asked for his thoughts. He wrote the following.

“The blatant bias demonstrated by and several other mainstream news agencies reporting on the cowardly terrorist attack at a Jerusalem Synagogue (they actually erroneously reported it as an attack on a mosque for heaven’s sake), continues to de-legitimize their journalistic credentials. They should all print/play/post retractions and corrections, apologize to the victims’ families belittling and inaccurately reporting the incident, and wallow in the filth of the shame that they themselves have created.” David Draiman, 09/18/2014

Throughout the day, David publicized the terrible media bias that was clearly evident before us. He attacked CNN, BBC and CBS directly, plus others who misrepresented the news. I read all of his posts and I fed from his anger and frustration. It echoed what I was feeling.

Then, on Facebook, I read how one friend criticized those of us who are critical of the biased media, claiming that we were making the situation worse by revealing their misleading communications. Another friend said that the anger should be directed to the terrorists, not the media.

Media Bias is Personal

The headline above from CNN does more than sympathize with the terrorists. It demonizes Israel. From that headline alone, one would think that the terrorists were innocently wandering the streets in Israel when the vicious Israeli police murdered them in cold blood.

Was that the intention of the headline?

Besides that terrible injustice, that blatant anti-Semitism, there is another issue to explore. In Gaza, Hamas were handing out candies and treats to children and civilians. There is great evil in the world, that can’t be denied. But this is something else. When the Islamic State behead people, do they dance and celebrate? Perhaps. Maybe they even hand out candies as well. Here, there was real excitement. There was true joy over the brutal murders of Jews in Israel.

How much attention did CNN give to Hamas handing out candies to the children and civilians? NOTHING.

Why? The answer is simple, of course. Showing that would present a negative perception of the poor “Palestinians” to the world. CNN wouldn’t want to do that. It might offend their backers.

David Draiman was right to blast them so strongly. CNN have clearly shown that their interest is in making Israel look bad. Their interest appears to be the destruction of Israel. Harsh, but ultimately true.

Fight the Media Bias Against Israel

The Nazis found that media was a powerful tool in turning people against the Jewish people. Jews were demonized and falsely accused, allowing people to think the Jews were worse than vermin; undeserving of life. Today, we can see that the media is doing this again. CNN is a great example.

The world today is different from what it was in 1938. We have the internet. We have blogs and Facebook and Twitter and so many other tools for communication. I’m proud of the response CNN has received calling them out on their bias against Israel. But there should be more. We can all do more. United with Israel wrote a piece that exposes CNN on their media bias: CNN Deserves First Prize for Anti-Israel, Biased Reporting. Please take this link and SHARE it! Post it everywhere you can. We cannot allow Israel to be demonized. We have to confront CNN and the like with a strong, opposing voice.

What David Draiman is doing and saying is amazing. Dean Cain, a famous actor also stood up and condemned the murders. But where are the other voices? If we don’t make enough noise, CNN, BBC and CBS (to name a few) will have succeeded in making the world think Israel is worse than our enemies and together, they will all cry for the destruction of Israel.


Article by Dan Wener

He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh.