Sinai-based ISIS terrorists. (Screenshot) screenshot
ISIS Sinai

In a 28-minute video by Gaza-based jihadi group Jaysh Al-Islam, terrorists praise the Islamic State for implementing Sharia law and accuse Hamas of apostasy.


The Gaza-based jihadi group Jaysh Al-Islam shared a video on Telegram that attacks the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot Hamas, accusing the groups of apostasy, according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute shared exclusively with JNS.

In the clip, Jaysh Al-Islam terrorists also accuse the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas of adopting Western attitudes and allying with “unbelievers” such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, and harboring aspirations to democracy.

The video further points fingers at Hamas for helping the British government of releasing BBC journalist Alan Johnston in 2007, who was a former captive of Jaysh Al-Islam. The video claims that this decision by Hamas led to the deaths of 11 of its fighters.

The video depicts footage of killed jihadi fighters and offers information, including training for suicide attacks.