Israelis at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. (BeeZeePhoto/Shutterstock) (BeeZeePhoto/Shutterstock)
Israelis at the Auschwitz Death Camp

A new poll shows that many Israelis fear traveling abroad where it is becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult to be a Jew. 

The recent rise of violent anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorism around the world is taking effect, as Israelis feel they are in greater danger, a new poll shows.

More than half (59 percent) of Israelis are afraid to travel outside the country, with 25 percent saying they are usually afraid to do so and 34 percent saying they have become more afraid this past year, a new poll commissioned by the World Zionist Organization shows.

According to the poll, which was conducted by the Midgam Consultants and Research Institute, more women than men say they are afraid to travel abroad (62 percent compared to 55 percent). Sixty-five percent of respondents say their concerns prompt them to play down signs of Israeli or Jewish identity while abroad, a group among whom 36 percent say they do so regularly and 29 percent say they have changed their habits and have recently started hiding their Jewish/Israeli identities.

Additionally, 25 percent of the Israelis polled say they believe there is reason to fear that another Holocaust will be perpetrated against the Jewish people, and 24 percent believe there is a chance that the State of Israel will cease to exist.

More than two-thirds (67 percent) are worried about the safety of Jewish communities outside of Israel.

By: and United with Israel Staff