Since ‘Nakba’ day last week there has been an increase in violent incidents, attacks on Jews and and rioting throughout Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria by Palestinians calling for a Third Intifada against the State of Israel.

This past Shabbat in the Old City of Jerusalem dozens of Palestinian rioters hurled rocks at Israeli police officers and set garbage bins ablaze within the Old City calling for a Third Intifada. This violent protest was merely one of many that Palestinian terrorists have orchestrated since Nakba Day last week. Nakba Day is the day where Palestinians mourn the fact that Israel exists.

Intifada is an Arabic word meaning uprising. During the Second Intifada, over a thousand Israelis were murdered due to a wave of Palestinian suicide bombings that targeted Israeli civilian population centers. The First Intifada was characterized more by Palestinians rioting and attacking Israelis and IDF soldiers with grenades and Molotov cocktails. This latest violent demonstration calling for a Third Intifada was only the most recent example for many Palestinians have been calling for a Third Intifada for quite some time now.

Since last week, in the wake of Nakba Day, 16 Israelis have been wounded by violent Palestinian rioting. This past week, two police officers were hurt when they were hit by Palestinian rocks during a riot in El Aroub; four soldiers were injured when a Palestinian firebomb hit their jeep; three police officers were hurt during the Palestinian riot that occurred in the Old City near Shechem Gate, a Jewish civilian was injured while trying to reach the Kotel to pray; a bus driver was injured by Palestinian rock-throwers, and three others were hurt in a riot near Silwan.

In Judea and Samaria, last Friday, before Shabbat set in, Palestinian terrorists rioted near the Security Barrier between Abu Dis and Jerusalem. As part of the protest, the Palestinian demonstrators illegally tried to destroy the Security Barrier and sneak into Jerusalem. The Security Barrier was created in order to protect Israeli civilians from Palestinian suicide bombers. In addition, Palestinian arsonists within Judea and Samaria set fields in Amona and Hashmonaim ablaze. A similar fire was ignited near Beit El. In Elazar, three Palestinians broke into the community and were seen laying a suspicious object on the fence. Rock-throwing incidents also occurred throughout Judea and Samaria over the weekend.

By Rachel Avraham