The Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization is planning to launch a massive attack against Israel from the Sinai Peninsula, the German Bild newspaper reported on Sunday.

According to the report, the IDF is concerned about a potential large-scale ISIS terrorist attack against Israel. The report quotes an IDF officer who said such an attack could include even the use of tanks and artillery by ISIS terrorists.

The Sinai based Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis, a terrorist organization which has pledged allegiance to ISIS in Syria, is training hundreds of terrorists, who are reportedly waiting for the order to attack Israel.

Israel has dramatically bolstered security on its border with Egypt as result of ISIS’ buildup. Increased ISIS presence and activity in the Sinai Peninsula is perceived by Israel’s security establishment as a mounting threat. ISIS terrorists have already launched attacks against civilian targets in southern Israel.

The Israel-Sinai border has become increasingly tense as terror organizations, including ISIS-affiliated groups, have solidified their presence and created instability in the region.

Since the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, there has been an unprecedented growth in terror groups operating from the Sinai. These insurgencies have taken advantage of the chaotic situation that ensued in the area, which led to waves of violence that has spilled over into Israel’s southern border.

In response to the rejuvenation of terrorist activity from the Sinai Peninsula and the many infiltrations in 2011, the IDF initiated the “Hourglass Project,” and in 2013 completed the construction of a large fence that stretches throughout the Israeli border with the Egyptian Sinai. The fence is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras and is patrolled by multiple forces, including the Caracal Battalion, which has secured the border with Egypt for the past 10 years.

Israel has prepared for a wide variety of ISIS attack scenarios, and most recently held a two-day drill large-scale naval drill in the southern city of Eilat which simulated a multiple-pronged ISIS attack on the city, including the hijack of a civilian vessel.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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