Anti-Israel activists on campus. (illustrative) (Screenshot) (Screenshot)
Anti-Israel campuses

This video, exposing the violent thirst for Jewish blood in America and its success on college campuses, will shake you up!

Founded in 2006 by UC-Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has become the leading group that not only gives anti-Zionist training and education to students and activists, but promotes violent anti-Semitism.

AMP’s goal is the destruction of the State of Israel. But its members also wish for the death of all Jews, as seen in their bloodthirsty anti-Semitic statements – despite the fact that anti-Zionist Jewish group IfNotNow wants full partnership with the organization.

This video, produced by the Canary Mission – which documents people and groups that promote hatred of the US, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses – will shake you up!