As the Hamas terrorist group continues its mayhem on the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinian TV caught up with a mother who brought an infant to the smoke-filled, chaotic scene of violence.

This report on Palestinian Authority TV focuses on Maryam Abu Qandil, a three-month-old baby forced to endure the Hamas-organized riots on the Gaza border misleadingly named “The March of Return.”

On PA TV, her mother, Nasrin Abu Yusuf, brags that she has brought the youngest baby to the riots, whom she prays “shall remain loyal to the wills of the martyrs, which were written in their pure blood.”

While the anchor offers a perfunctory question regarding concern for the baby’s safety in light of the violence and chaos that is unfolding not far away, the report does not stray far from glorifying the mother for including her infant in the mass attempt to breach Israel’s security barrier.