NALA takes Israeli health expertise beyond the borders of the Jewish state. Its current initiative is to fight the coronavirus in Ethiopia. NALA, an Israeli NGO, was helping Ethiopia fight snail fever in 2018 and is now working to combat Covid-19 in the African country with a five-point plan. In this video, Naomi Caplan discusses... Read more »

For the first time in decades, an Israeli prime minister will visit Africa in an effort to improve and strengthen Israel's relations with the countries there. Prime Minister Netanyahu will visit Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

This trailer tells the inspirational true story of a young Ethiopian shepherd who overcame extreme hardships to realize his dream of becoming an IDF officer.

The Indo-Israel vegetable center of excellence in India has boosted the annual number of seedlings grown from half a million in 2011 to six million in 2015, and Israel’s Technion Institute has built a safe drinking supply water system in a village school in northern Ethiopia.

Israelis are eagerly awaiting the world launch of the electromagnetic levitating taxis built by US skyTran and the Israeli Pavilion at Milan Expo will host the finals of the first international competition for start-ups dedicated to children and adolescents.

Rosh Chodesh, the New Month, is especially meaningful to women. It is also noted that women are like the moon in that they, too, have a monthly cycle of renewal.