Modesty is the top attribute for a Jew and for a leader. Only with a strong sense of modesty can one fight off all the temptations of power and corruption.

Although Jews have been persecuted from time immemorial, there were periods when they organized themselves into resistance and self-defense movements against our enemies.

A leader wants to see his flock become successful on their own. This is certainly true in the material dimension, and it is just as true in the spiritual dimension.

In this webinar, Rabbi Ari Enkin discusses the Torah portion of 'Yitro' (Exodus 18:1-20:23) which focuses on the Revelation at Sinai.

We often take a person for granted and forget how wonderful he or she may be. We often fall into this trap with regard to our spouses as well.

One of the lessons that we can certainly take with us from the passing of Miriam and Aaron is to appreciate those in our lives before they're gone.