Here's one unbelievable example of the Jewish spirit surviving severely inhumane treatment by German SS soldiers in a Nazi concentration camp.

I am a Jew. I am not a feminist. I believe in the equality of women and will fight for my right (and theirs) to be paid equally and treated equally by law.

Anne Frank

The eight-line poem, half of which was copied from a Dutch book of verse, is dated March 28, 1942, shortly before Anne and her family went into hiding from the Netherlands' wartime Nazi occupiers in a secret apartment in an Amsterdam canal house.

SS Heydrich and his wife

Tens of thousands of Nazi war crimes suspects may have continued receiving disability pensions despite a law passed nearly two decades ago ordering them revoked, according to an official review quietly published Tuesday.

In 1943, the Nazi occupying forces on the Greek island of Zakynthos called Mayor Carrer and demanded a list of all the Jews on the island. Distraught, Carrer consulted the local Bishop Chrysostomos and, together, the two made the courageous decision to deny the Nazis' request. Now, Carrer's daughter is visiting Israel.