Disney PSA

The Disney Channel must reverse its replacement of the word 'Jerusalem' with 'Holy Land' in a Passover production, which denies the Jewish People's yearning to return to their eternal capital for 2,000 years.

Rav Mo Passover music video

As the video proclaims, “Am Yisrael Chai!: – The Jewish Nation Lives Forever! Known by his stage name “Rav Mo,” Rabbi Moshe Friedman is a rapper and a spoken word artist who has produced music videos with international acclaim. In this inspiring yet humorous music video, Rav Mo celebrates the eternity of the Jewish People,... Read more »

Exodus from Egypt

Although the matter is still hotly debated, there is evidence indicating that the Exodus story may have taken place earlier than assumed by many archaeologists.

matzoh baking

Did you know that the matzoh-baking preparation for Passover, which falls in the spring, begins as early as October?