Time is running out to stop the Iranian nuclear threat but author Noah Beck is raising awareness about this urgent issue with his powerful book “The Last Israelis” — now available in paperback, audiobook, and e-book formats.

In this doomsday thriller, an ethnically diverse and ideologically divided crew aboard an Israeli submarine must confront the unthinkable after Iran acquires nuclear weapons. The gripping novel is a highly entertaining read but — more importantly — the book focuses public attention on the Iranian nuclear threat. Even if you don’t have time to read it (or listen to the audiobook), your support for the book with a purchase will help to make an important statement to readers around the globe about how dangerous a nuclear Iran could be to Israel and the rest of the world.

If “The Last Israelis” reaches the number #1 spot on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Audible, and other major booksellers, the book could impact public opinion in a major way. The reading public (hundreds of millions of people) will then be focused on a book that highlights the extreme perils of a nuclear Iran. Think of it as voting for the most important issue of the day in the book world. Just by buying a copy of the book, you can make an important statement and tell readers around the world that you are worried about what could happen if Iran gets a nuclear weapon.

This gripping story will also keep you awake at night! Critic Alan Zeitlin writes in NY Blueprint that the novel is “Gripping, chilling…[and] brings to mind…Crimson Tide, The Hunt For Red October and U-571. You’ll feel like you’re on the sub with the world on the brink of disaster…Don’t start reading this novel if you have somewhere to be. You’ll probably miss your appointment.”

Join 35 Israelis aboard the nuclear-armed Dolphin submarine, and experience their suspenseful voyage towards Armageddon after Iran acquires nuclear weapons. The fascinating crew of Israeli submariners includes a Christian Arab, a Persian-Israeli, the son of Russian Refuseniks, an Ethiopian Jew, and grandsons of Holocaust survivors. These diverse sailors bravely serve together to protect their country, and must overcome their differences to survive lethal threats at sea before confronting the unthinkable. It’s a great read!

If enough people support “The Last Israelis,” the perils of Iranian nukes will become the top issue that readers around the world turn their attention to. The reading population is very influential because it includes teachers, lawyers, academics, journalists, military officials, civil servants, and politicians. Let’s make a difference and get them focused on the most urgent security issue facing Israel and the world: the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran.

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