Despite the fact that three of the four victims were US citizens, President Obama’s condemnation of the attack came a full four hours after Turkey and Canada.

At 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, Reuters reported that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu publicly condemned the terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue that morning, which left five people dead and eight seriously injured.

Despite the fact that three of the four victims were US citizens, the President of United States was silent until finally coming forward and condemning the attack at about 5:30 p.m. Israel time – a full four hours after Turkey and Canada.

President Obama’s silence was shocking enough, but what makes it even more outrageous is the fact that the United States is still considered one of Israel’s closest allies.

Given the recent strengthening of ties between Canada and Israel, Canada’s swift reaction was somewhat expected, whereas political ties have been extremely strained between Israel and Turkey in recent years, especially since the attempted Gaza blockade break by the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara in May 2010.

Too Little Too Late

When Obama finally did come forth regarding the massacre, his statement that he condemned the attack “in the harshest words possible” was little comfort as it was rendered impotent by the words that followed:

Medical teams at the scene of the terror attack. (Hillel Maeir/Tazpit News Agency)

Medical teams at the scene of the terror attack. (Hillel Maeir/Tazpit News Agency)

“Tragically, this is not the first loss of life that we have seen in recent months. Too many Israelis have died and too many Palestinians have died.  And at this difficult time I think it’s important for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work together to try to lower tensions and to reject violence.”

Many feel that his words reduce the situation to nothing more than sibling rivalry and an attempt to equate the slaughter of innocent men in prayer with the death of terrorists in the midst of waging war. The president also said in his statement that “we have to remind ourselves that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace, and to be able to raise their families, knowing they are safe and secure.” But judging by the rejoicing in Arab towns across the country, including Gaza, it’s hard to believe that to be the case.

What You Can Do

Over the past few months, violent attacks against Israeli citizens have sharply increased.  Practically ignored by the mainstream media, these attacks have been accepted as a natural outgrowth of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Most people around the world either receive this skewed view of the news or are being completely left in the dark. United with Israel works tirelessly to keep you up to date with the latest news and insights concerning Israel and her battle to continue to exist as the only democracy in the Middle East.

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Author: Penina Taylor, United with Israel

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