Palestinians are celebrating the vicious murder of four innocent Israeli Rabbis praying in a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning. Twenty-four children were orphaned.

Palestinians in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria went out to the streets on Wednesday to celebrate the brutal murder of four Rabbis praying at a Jerusalem synagogue. Twenty-four children became orphans and several men were wounded.

Palestinians served sweets and baked goods to people on the street and launched firecrackers in a display of celebration. Students in Bethlehem joined in the festivities by sharing candy.

Ynet reports that the parents of the two terrorists broke out in a joy upon hearing of the lethal attack that their sons perpetrated. “They are both Shahids (martyrs) and heroes,” the families declared.

Allah Abu Jamal, one of the terrorists’ cousins, stated that “this act occurred because of pressures exerted by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people in general, and a prolonged harming of the al-Aqsa mosque. This is to be expected from any man who has courage and a sense of belonging to his Muslim nation.”

“We responded with cheers when we heard of their death,” he added. “People offered candy to those who came to visit us, and there was happiness for the Shahids.”

‘Many More Youngsters…Willing to Harm Jews’

He claims the family did not know of their sons’ intentions. “The terror attack was a big surprise for us,” he said, concluding with the statement: “Praise Allah, a man dying a Shahid is a great thing.”

A resident of the terrorist’s neighborhood expressed pride, saying: “We have many more youngsters and nothing to lose. They are willing to harm Jews, anything for al-Aqsa.”

Another resident felt that terror attacks were the proper way to express their dismay with the political situation. “People here won’t sit quietly, they will continue to respond. We will make the lives of the Jews difficult everywhere.”

Hamas Continues to Praise the Deadly Attack

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, is one of many who praised the attack, which in his words was a natural reaction to the “occupation.” In a Facebook post, he called to continue such attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Mushir al-Masri, also a Hamas spokesman, called the attack a “heroic action.”

Husam Badran, responsible for Hamas’s foreign relations, described the attack as a “quality action.”

“A message to all members of national security in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria]. You are trained and you have the weapons and the ability to act. There is no doubt that there are many patriots among you. Now, you can see the young people of the West Bank are fighting without weapons. Some of you can make a significant change in the resistance. Turn your weapons against your enemies and ours. Write your names in the true list of honor,” Badran stated.

Palestinian social media has been awash with cartoons and graphics celebrating the attack and encouraging more terror. This bout of creativity follows the Palestinian song calling for the further use of their cars for terror attacks in what they call the “car Intifada,” and a social media campaign using cartoons to promote the murder of Israelis in any possible fashion.

Author: United with Israel Staff