Palestinian child soldier at a Hamas camp. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90) Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90
Palestinian child soldier at a Hamas camp.

This was not the first time that the North American media channel has shown bias towards the Jewish State when reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

By Honest Reporting

In a report on May’s Hamas-initiated war against Israel, Vice News parrots terrorist propaganda claiming that the IDF’s defensive actions somehow breached international law.

In the video, correspondent Isobel Yeung repeatedly charges Israel with targeting Gazans during a May 14 operation to destroy Hamas’ network of attack tunnels. There’s just one problem: There’s not a shred of evidence that Israel purposely struck civilian infrastructure, even as Hamas builds military sites in populated areas.

PCHR and Al Mezan — Gaza-based NGOs with a long history of demonizing Israel — separately concluded that the Israeli Air Force did not target the structure in question. This corroborates the IDF’s account that it intended to hit a “terror tunnel, placed in close proximity to the mentioned building.”

But Vice still insists that Israel is to blame for the deaths of four Gazans. The slanted video is reminiscent of The New York Times’ June 24 “investigation” that tried — but failed — to connect an Israeli strike on an underground terror tunnel to the collapse of a nearby building.

While Israel takes immense precautions to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas commits double war crimes by firing rockets at Israeli population centers and using Gazans as pawns to fend off retaliation. Unfortunately, Hamas’ Palestinian victims receive little sympathy from Vice. Yeung goes so far as to highlight Hamas’ training of child soldiers — while failing to mention the practice violates international law.

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