(Im Tirtzu) (Im Tirtzu)
Chinese students in Israel

The Im Tirtzu-run program consists of tours and lectures in Chinese and English aimed at turning the visiting students into “ambassadors for Israel.”

By Eytan Meir

This week, dozens of visiting Chinese students marked the end of the largest extra-curricular academic program for visiting Chinese students in Israel.

The program, run by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, consists of tours and lectures in Chinese and English that are aimed at turning the visiting students into “ambassadors for Israel” upon their return to China.

Now finishing its second year at Hebrew University, the program has already brought dozens of Chinese students around the country to places like Hebron, Jerusalem, Sderot, Samaria, Gush Etzion, and the Negev.

Over the past few years, Chinese enrolment in Israeli universities has sky-rocketed, with thousands of Chinese students currently studying in Israel.

According to Im Tirtzu, ensuring that the Chinese students learn the truth about Israel and can effectively advocate on its behalf back in China is an invaluable asset to Israel.

Dov Trachtman, who oversees the project for Im Tirtzu, said that more and more Chinese students are requesting to join the program and learn about Israel.

“The students have a tremendous desire to learn more about Israel and see it first-hand for themselves,” said Trachtman.

“The students especially want to visit Judea, Samaria and the Gaza periphery, which are integral parts of the Land in Israel that, if not for our program, they would not have the opportunity to see.”

“These students are turning into some of Israel’s best ambassadors in one of the largest and most influential countries in the world,” added Trachtman.

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