Millions of people around the world joined the anti-Trump Women’s March on Saturday, which claimed to be fighting primarily for women’s rights but included speakers who attacked US “colonialism” and Israel and called for anarchy.

Several speakers claiming to defend equal rights for women in the US specifically attacked Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, while ignoring the profound abuse of women in countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran.

In an attack on America, anarchist Angela Davis, for example, claiming to stand for “social justice,” tells the crowd that they are “standing on indigenous land” in a “country anchored in slavery and settler colonialism.”

Not a word is mentioned about the suffering of women in countries that practise genital mutilation, forced marriages, beatings, honor killings and other forms of profound abuse against women as well as the murder of gays and lesbians. The marchers, however, are encouraged to fight against Israel and for “freedom and justice for Palestine.”

Listen to Davis urge the “feminist” marchers to “become more militant in our defense of vulnerable populations,” vowing that each day of the Trump presidency will meet “resistance on the ground, in the classrooms in our jobs.”