Ami Horowitz decided to run an experiment to see if there is a connection between intellect and wisdom. To find out, he filmed students at the University of California, Berkeley, capturing their reactions to the flag of the Islamic State and the flag of Israel. 

In filming his experiment, Ami chose the University of California, Berkeley. The school is known for being a leader in academic prowess. Ami felt the students would represent some of the best and brightest minds in the academic world.

The shocking video below unfortunately proves once and for all that there is in fact no connection between intellect and wisdom.

Credit: Fox News

Understanding Hatred of Israel

What could possibly cause a well-educated, intelligent student to have such a distorted view of Israel? We have reported about CNN and their blatant anti-Israel bias numerous times. Most recently, they turned an attack on a synagogue into an attack on “Palestinians” just from one misleading news headline. Incredibly, they even posted an interview in which their shameless bias against Israel was pointed out. And that’s just CNN. BBC and CBS news were also guilty of gross misrepresentation of Israel following the recent synagogue attack.

The media bias against Israel has been going on for a long time now. The damage has been done. The evidence is clearly demonstrated in the video above. The Islamic State (ISIS) are famous for beheading infidels, murdering and raping women and children and untold other terrible offenses. They have murdered many thousands of Christians in the Middle East. Israel is famous for incredible technological and medical innovations which continue to come out each week and make the world a better place. Israel provides a beautiful oasis where anyone from any race or religion can come to visit the land, free from any form of persecution. And yet, Israel is demonized over ISIS.

Understanding the extent of the media bias, and how it has polluted the minds of students all over the world, you see how important it is for us to make a difference. This is yet another story of media bias reported by United with Israel. We are doing our best to combat this negative trend, and we need YOUR HELP to make sure we can continue our work. Click here to Donate and support the fight against mainstream media bias of Israel. We need to show the world what Israel is really about!