Benjamin Netanyahu (Screenshot) (Screenshot)
Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu contrasts the rich history of Iran-Israel relations before 1979 with the disastrous policies pursued by the Ayatollahs who hijacked Iran 40 years ago.

Did you know that Israel sent agriculture experts to Iran, engineers to help build Tehran’s airport and rescue teams to help earthquake victims in Iran?

Yes, that really happened, forty years ago, before the Ayatollahs turned Iran into an Islamist theocracy and declared war on Israel, leading the Iranian people to economic ruin and saddling the nation with pariah status in the civilized world.

“The people of Iran deserve better. The people of Israel stand with the people of Iran. We hope that one day our peoples and our countries will once again be able to work side by side,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares in this moving and informative video.

True or False?

True or False?

Posted by The Prime Minister of Israel on Tuesday, January 22, 2019