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Terrorist with target on him

In his new book, Rise and Kill First: Israel’s History of Targeted Assassinations, Author Ronen Bergman interviews intelligence officials about an Israeli strategy that has curbed terrorist attacks significantly.

Following the 1982 bombing of the American Military Barracks in Lebanon, the Israeli intelligence services responded by targeting the founder of Hezbollah and killing him with a car bomb. This began the Israeli policy of targeted assassination to eliminate the support forces, commanders, and political leaders behind the terrorists, rather than just the terrorists themselves.

Bergman has written a history of this policy in his new book Rise and Kill First, in whichhe lays out the basic philosophy that drives this method of deterrence.

Bergman suggests that suicide bombings have been largely curtailed in Israel because Israel stopped targeting the bombers, and started killing those who were sending them. Once those leaders started to catch on to this policy, they were less likely to “test out the 72 virgins theory for themselves.”


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