In the wake of a deadly earthquake, the IDF and Israeli humanitarian groups immediately departed for Mexico to contribute their search-and-rescue expertise.

Israel was the first nation to respond to a catastrophic earthquake last week that claimed hundreds of lives, injured thousands and caused massive structural damage.

Within hours, Israeli search-and-rescue professionals were on their way, joined by non-military humanitarian groups eager to assist in the lifesaving efforts.

This is not surprising, however, as the Jewish state is always at the forefront in cases of humanitarian efforts whenever and wherever such natural disasters occur.

Watch this video to see what Israelis are doing in Mexico to alleviate the crisis and how much the people appreciate these heroes!

Life-Saving ATVs Stop Terrorists Before they Attack Innocent Israelis

Palestinian attackers have terrorized Israelis with stabbings, shootings, bombings and car-rammings throughout Israel, with no end in sight.

Specialized, state-of-the-art, compact, all-terrain ATVs that maneuver in tight spaces are Israel’s “secret weapon,” designed to pursue and capture terrorists BEFORE they attack. Life-saving ATVs are desperately needed to protect communities throughout Israel. Please donate generously!