Zichron Menachem, with the help of girls and women across the country, provides emotional support for young cancer patients and their families in a unique way.

In Israel, many women and girls make a point of letting their hair grow long so they could donate it to a cancer patient.

Israel has revolutionized agriculture globally with its scientific innovation, thus helping to combat world hunger and feed an ever-increasing global population.

Just after celebrating the Jewish New Year and ahead of the Festival of Sukkot, here is a summary of the year 5777, which, all in all, was a very good news year!

In the wake of a deadly earthquake, the IDF and Israeli humanitarian groups immediately departed for Mexico to contribute their search-and-rescue expertise.

“Without my experience in the IDF, I wouldn’t have been capable of a project like this," says Fernand Cohen-Tannoudji, who led a mission after Hurricane Irma.

This feature article focuses on the significance of the number 50 in many of the recent amazing achievements of the Jewish State.