Mahdi Satri, a Muslim Arab-Israeli, loves living in the Jewish state, which he describes as the only light in the Middle East.

Israel is the “only light in the Middle East,” says Mahdi Satri, a 17-year-old Muslim Arab Israeli.

The brave teen describes Israel’s humanitarian efforts in many areas and the freedom for citizens of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds to practice their way of life without fear.

The demonization of Israel by Muslim countries and other enemies around the world is completely misguided and detrimental to the welfare of the region, he explains. In the teenager’s words, it’s “really stupid.”

Listen to this proud young Israeli’s passionate defense of his beloved country!

THE TRUTH SHOULD BE TOLD ! I'm so sorry guys for not posting videos for a year but you know what I'm going through after my father's death! The Full truth about Israel The Full truth about what's really happening in the MIDDLE EAST! The world needs Israel's help, for humanity for technology… for a better future Cause Israel is the ONLY Democratic state in the MIDDLE EAST PLEASE share the TRUTH LONG LIVE ISRAEL GOD BLESS ISRAEL 🇮🇱🔯🇮🇱

Posted by Mahdi Satri on Wednesday, September 6, 2017