A new video game has been released called “The Liberation of Palestine.” It was developed by programmers in the Gaza Strip, according to Sky News Arabia.

The game boasts some terrifying features, such as prisoner swaps, the purchasing of weapons and scoring attacks. The game puts a strong emphasis on armed strategy amid historical, archaeological and religious sites in “Palestine.”

The point of the game is to develop a strong sense of resistance among children. As one developer said, “The language of weapons is the most effective with the Israelis.”

Credit: MemriTVVideos

We previously wrote about the fact that “Palestinian” kids are being taught to expect Israel’s destruction. This video game will only serve to further pollute the minds of the children with hatred and false ideals. Israel values life. As we see all too often, Hamas values death.

How are we going to rehabilitate the minds of these children? And at what point must we stop calling them innocent?