Kobi Gideon/GOP/Flash90 Kobi Gideon/GOP/Flash90
Har Nof Jerusalem Massacre

It was a difficult week again for the people of Israel that saw another increase in terror. We lost 5 incredible people and witnessed some of the worst reporting ever in the history of reporting. Here are the top five stories of the week.

1. CNN Deserves First Prize for Anti-Israel, Biased Reporting

Mainstream media did a horrible job of covering the deadly attack in Jerusalem Tuesday morning, ranging from twisting the facts to spreading blatant lies.

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2. Synagogue Massacre in Jerusalem Leaves 4 Rabbis Dead

Four Israelis – Rabbis who were praying – were brutally murdered and eight wounded Tuesday morning in Jerusalem in the worst terror attack Israel has experienced in recent years.

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3. Palestinians Celebrate Terror Attack; 4 Rabbis Murdered Leaving 26 Orphans

Palestinians are celebrating the vicious murder of four innocent Israeli Rabbis praying in a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning. Twenty-six children were orphaned.

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4. Islamic Terror Up 60% Since 2013

Religiously motivated terror has increased significantly over past years, and the forecast is even bleaker. The Western World must respond.  

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5. WATCH: Where is the Israeli ‘Apartheid’?

A common misconception presented by enemies of Israel and the mainstream media portrays Israel as an “apartheid state”. This idea is not only false, it is completely the opposite of reality in the Holy Land.

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