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When asked if Biden could hold his own in the same room with Russian President Vladimir Putin,a European official responded flatly with ‘No.’

By Shula Rosen

Since US President Joe Biden’s disastrous performance at the Presidential debates last week, more stories are coming to light adding support to the observation that he is in serious mental and physical decline.

Carl Bernstein, one of the reporters who broke the Nixon Watergate story, called Biden’s performance at the debate “a horror show” and referred to his freezing up during a fundraising event as “rigor mortis.”

Similarly, other journalists and US politicians are openly urging Biden to give up his re-election bid and allow another Democrat to run against Trump.

World Leaders have also observed and have been shocked at Biden’s marked decline.

During June’s G7 conference in Italy, some attendees claimed Biden was sharp while many others admitted to being taken aback by the US President’s steep decline in mental acuity and physical coordination compared to previous meetings.

Some sources told The New York Times that Biden was “quite sharp in the meetings” and was well-prepared.

However, other sources says he seemed feeble and often confused.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to escort President Biden back to the proper place for an event after he had wandered off to talk to paratroopers.

Later, the video was edited to make it appear as if Biden were just walking away, as he would do normally.

Ms. Meloni remarked with others privately about Biden’s condition, but tried to conceal the problem publicly, going so far as to walk very slowly to make it seem as if Biden were walking at a normal pace.

When other world leaders felt Biden was appearing awkward, they would close in around him to shield him from cameras.

A senior European official told NYT that he and others were “shocked” by Biden’s steep decline, that he seemed “out of it” and he had obvious difficulty talking and walking simultaneously.

When speaking with Ukrainian President Zelensky, Biden was barely audible and confused the purpose of recent shipments to Ukraine.

When asked if Biden could hold his own in the same room with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former US official who helped Biden prepare for the G7 trip said, “I just don’t know,” and a European official responded flatly with “No.”


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