Since the recent kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, Hamas has intensified the indoctrination of hate and murder among Palestinian Arab children.

Hamas-indoctrinated students celebrated the kidnapping of three teenagers last week, which they consider to be a victory for the terror organization, during two graduation ceremonies in Judea and Samaria, according to the IDF blog.

That same week, the terror group showcased a summer camp that provides military training to Palestinian Arab children in Gaza. Supporters were noted to be sporting the notorious three-finger salute in what has become a common sign of pride over the recent kidnapping of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frankel.

In fact, already in 2013, then Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said the Gilad Shalit kidnapping and subsequent release of terrorists was a “historic victory”, while other Hamas leaders called for further kidnappings of Israeli soldiers.

Palestinian Arab Children Take Military Orders from Terrorists

In Gaza, according to the IDF blog, approximately 100,000 children attend summer camps where they dress in military garb and take orders from Hamas terrorists.

Hamas uses Palestinian universities, summer camps and schools to spread its ideology of terror, the blog continues, adding that the educational institutions are part of the “Dawa network,” a social-welfare system that fuels support for Hamas violence.

According to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Dawa is “a central element in Hamas’ activity and a principal method employed to achieve its goals. Prima facie, Hamas’ Dawa activity appears to bequeath Islamic education and values to the Palestinians in order to make them more religious. De facto, Hamas’ goal is to expand and strengthen its status among the Palestinians, bring them closer to its ideology, including the notion of Jihad against Israel, and even recruiting on its behalf supporters and partakers in terrorist activities.”

“[You are] the generation of rocks, the generation of rockets, the generation of tunnels, the generation of the suicide bombings!” Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh declared at a graduation ceremony for one of the camps in January 2014.

The textbooks at Hamas-run schools deny the existence of Israel, do not mention the Oslo Peace Accords and describe Zionism as a racist movement which aims to drive all Arabs out of the region.

“This propaganda shows Hamas’s true face: as a terrorist organization which celebrates death and seeks to destroy Israel,” the IDF blog states.

Palestinian Arab Children Call for Murder of Jews

Jews and other non-Muslims visiting the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, regularly hear women in full hijab screaming Allahu Akhbar; on Sunday, however, according to Linda Olmert, deputy director of Haliba – the Initiative for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount – mobs of Palestinian Arab children on Sunday, sporting the three-fingered salute, were chanting Khaybar ya yahud – a vicious, anti-Semitic phrase calling outright for the murder of Jews.

(Khaybar, an oasis in Saudi Arabia, was the location of a mass slaughter of Jews by Mohammed, the founder of Islam.)

Click below to see video of children chanting death to the Jews on the Temple Mount (courtesy Israel Video Network).

In yet another sign of increased radicalization, IDF soldiers combing the Hebron area in search of the kidnapped Israeli boys have uncovered dozens of terror tunnels and hundreds of weapons caches. According to YNetNews, the tunnels were discovered by the IDF’s elite engineering unit “Yahalom” (Diamond), who used their special training and equipment as they search the area house by house for signs of the teens. They also discovered nearly 20 home-based laboratories used to produce IED’s (improvised explosive devises), which are then used against soldiers and civilians alike.

Written by: United with Israel Staff