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The news service revealed that Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip have actively supported Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s campaign ahead of UK elections on Thursday.


After TPS exposed that one of Corbyn’s largest support network is managed from the Gaza Strip, with the knowledge and involvement of the Hamas leadershi., hackers launched a cyber attack on the news agency’s website.

The Israeli press service detailed the comprehensive relationship between the Hamas terror group and the Labour Party, which is managed through a large number of organizations, forums, media outlets and activities on social networks. These Hamas organizations are actively engaged in the efforts in recent weeks to secure Corbyn’s election.

The attack on TPS’s site apparently originated in London and occurred hours after the exclusive story was released. The article was published by several media outlets around the world, particularly in the UK, and has been shared by many on social media.

While the hackers attacked TPS’s non-profit portal – tazpit.org.il, the news agency’s operational site, tps.co.il, remained available throughout the hackers’ malicious efforts, allowing TPS’s clients to reach all of the content they provide.

Amotz Eyal, TPS’s founder and CEO said that the attack indicates TPS’s article got some people worried about the truth coming to light.

“It seems like we really struck a nerve. We will not let them silence us, infringe on our freedom of the press and hide the information from the public by attacking our site,” he said.

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