Hamas terrorists in Gaza hold axes and a gun as they celebrate a massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue on November 18, 2014. (Photo: bed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

Hamas terrorists in Gaza hold axes and a gun as they celebrate a massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue on November 18, 2014. (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

Hamas sends mixed responses over the Charlie Hebdo attack, but clearly praises the murder of four French Jews by Islamic terrorists.  

The Hamas terror organization praised three Islamic terrorists responsible for murdering 17 people in France in three separate terror attacks.

Hamas posted on its “Al-Rasalah” Facebook page photographs of the terrorists shortly after they were eliminated by French security forces, one of them during a hostage standoff. The caption under their pictures reads: “The shahidim [martyrs] who were dispatched by God, the heroes of the raid in Paris.”

Hamas’s official leadership released a statement on Saturday condemning the Charlie Hebdo terror attack. The statement in French said that Hamas “condemns the attack against Charlie Hebdo magazine and insists on the fact that differences of opinion and thought cannot justify murder.”

Hamas did not condemn the murder of four French Jews at a kosher supermarket on Friday.

After being shot, Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who killed four people and wounded others at the supermarket, called a television station before he died “to claim allegiance to Islamic State [ISIS], saying he wanted to defend Palestinians and target Jews,” Reuters reports.

Coulibaly, Reuters continues, “said he had jointly planned the attacks with the Kouachi brothers,” perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, “and police confirmed they were all members of the same Islamist cell in northern Paris.”

The Kouachi brothers stated that they were financed by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas called French President Francois Hollande to express condolences, PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said, according to AFP.

Abbas, referring to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, reportedly assured the French president of “the solidarity of the Palestinian people and leadership with France after this terrorist attack.”

Netanyahu: Time to Recognize Islamic Terror Threat

“I am convinced that if we are united this terrorism will be unable to defeat us,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Saturday. “But if we ignore the true root of the problem, if we ignore the fact that extremist Islamic terrorism seeks to exterminate Western civilization as a whole, including the Jewish People, if we ignore this – what we are now seeing in Paris will be only the beginning. These are not frightening words or prophecies of rage, this is the simple reality and the time has come to recognize it.”

The Israeli leader had warned several times that these terror groups are equally dangerous, saying: “ISIS is like Hamas and Hamas is like ISIS.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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