In its mission to promote terror and destabilize the Middle East, the Islamic Republic rekindled its relationship with Hamas, helping to fund its terror activities against Israel.

Rockets sent from Iran to Gaza, which were intercepted by the IDF. (Photo: IDF)

Rockets sent from Iran to Gaza, which were intercepted by the IDF. (Photo: IDF)

After two years of chilly relations between Iran and Hamas, the Islamic Republic has renewed its funding of the terror organization operating mainly out of Gaza, Israel’s Walla News reports.

A “senior security official” told the news site that a short while after the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge, Iran and Hezbollah reestablished their connections. Israel’s security establishment is keeping a close watch on the budding relationship, tracking Hamas’s attempts to rebuild its military power and to raise funds around the world.

“The sums are not as large as Qatar gave [Hamas], but the move is substantial,” the official told Walla, adding that Iran was trying to strengthen the terror front facing Israel’s south.

Iran openly declared its intention to destroy Israel by arming terrorists in Judea and Samaria. Hamas, in turn, thanked Iran for its support.

Iran is helping Hamas to rearm despite Egypt’s attempts to weaken the terror organization, which has been accused of promoting violence against the Egyptian security apparatus. According to the official, “Hamas faces difficulties in acquiring weapons of quality because Egypt has established a buffer zone on its border with Gaza and ruins more smuggling tunnels every day.”

He added that Sudan, which has served as a relay point for arms on their way to Gaza in the past, has ceased to serve such a function.

Hamas Steps Up Rocket Production

Hamas trains to launch rockets. (Photo: Abed Khatib/Flash90)

Hamas trains to launch rockets. (Photo: Abed Khatib/Flash90)

With its renewed acquisition of weapons using Iranian funds, Hamas has returned to producing domestic-made rockets and has stepped up launching tests, firing them into the sea.

“Hamas has returned to producing rockets at a faster pace than in the past, but they do not use standard materials or a proper assembly line and therefore are required to test their rockets,” the official said.

Hamas was firing the rockets into the sea not only to test them, but also as a show of force, he added.

Arab news outlets reported over the weekend that Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian officials met in Lebanon to review Iranian funding of these organizations. The reports did not indicate who specifically participated nor did they reveal the outcome.

By: United with Israel Staff

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