In the following two videos, Dr. Gerald Schroeder addresses the question, scientifically and theologically, as to whether there is a God or not.

Within the last 50 years, science has come around to prove something that has been debated about for the last 4,000 years. There is a God.

In this video, Dr. Gerald Schroeder tells of some of the more recent scientific breakthroughs that have led to a re-understanding of how the universe came to be. The video is five minutes long and certainly gives us food for thought.

Sinai Speak has provided a brief biography of Dr. Schroeder. You can learn more about him from the video or through their main website.

“Gerald Schroeder is a scientist with over thirty years of experience in research and teaching. He earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees all at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with his doctorate thesis being under the supervision of physics professor Robley D. Evans. This was followed by five years on the staff of the MIT physics department prior to moving to Israel, where he joined the Weizmann Institute of Science and then the Volcani Research Institute, while also having a laboratory at The Hebrew University. His Doctorate is in two fields: Earth sciences and physics.”

In addition, Dr. Schroeder also asks the question: How can an intellectual believe in God?

Credit: SinaiSpeak

Existence of Israel is Proof

Living in Israel, we have a unique perspective on whether there is a God or not. This is a land of miracles and wonders. The existence of Israel itself is purely by miracle, looking back on our formation and history. Indeed, the fact that we are still around today is miraculous, considering the threats from Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and, unfortunately, many others.

Or you can look at the sheer number of rockets that Hamas fired into Israel during Operation Protective Edge. With so many rockets, one would expect many more casualties. A representative from Hamas explained the reason. He said that God is protecting Israel. And we surely saw evidence of blatant miracles during the conflict.

There is an important biblical principle, though. We don’t rely on miracles. Although they happen, we do not assume that they will happen or that we even merit to have them happen. This means that we have to take responsibility.

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