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Hamas female terrorists

Can Israel ever negotiate with people who strive to kill innocent men, women and children and proclaim that they could never live in peace with the Jewish state?

Female security prisoner Wafa Al-Bis proudly says that her goal was to “try and kill as many Jews as possible.”

Another female terrorist prisoner said she could never live in peace with Israel because it “occupied” her land.

Can Israel ever hope for peace with such neighbors?

Watch and see the violence and barbarity!

Life-Saving ATVs Stop Terrorists Before they Attack Innocent Israelis

Palestinian attackers have terrorized Israelis with stabbings, shootings, bombings and car-rammings throughout Israel, with no end in sight.

Specialized, state-of-the-art, compact, all-terrain ATVs that maneuver in tight spaces are Israel’s “secret weapon,” designed to pursue and capture terrorists BEFORE they attack. Life-saving ATVs are desperately needed to protect communities throughout Israel. Please donate generously!